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Bloom Youth Commune 

Bloom Youth Commune is a space and community full of activities, shelter, respect, and resources for the unhoused or in need demographic of Los Angeles.  


We are bloom !

We strive to provide a safe space and community for the growing unhoused and in need youth of Los Angeles. We want to talk to our community visually and physically. We want to provide basic needs that the system doesn’t; And while doing so we want to be as eco-friendly and conscious as we can. We want the space to be shared and spiritually sound. We want to educate. We want to be personal. We want the community to thrive and allow everyone in it to be completely themselves with no judgment. We encourage bright, creative outlets for growth in the community. We want to give your hidden talents a chance and cherish them. We want to reflect strength, growth and rebuild a system and community of our own. Most of all we want to be a family, sharing and caring for each other equally.

the bloom family !

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