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I Am Muse

It all started when a stay-at-home mom tried to make a few bucks off of some old clothes she had piled up in her closet. She opened up a depop shop and got such great feedback that she realized it could become something greater and even more meaningful. Grecia’s (Owner’s) vision and personal style include throwbacks and vibes from the 70s to early Y2K styles, and we wanted to include these vibes in the designs as well. 

I Am Muse sells up cycled clothes, and with my help, have begun to sell some original graphics and shirts, and have even more aesthetically pleasing event fliers!

The designs I created include a best friend’s customizable heart graphic. This graphic was inspired by baby tees from the Y2K era, think of Steve Madden and Paris Hilton. The customization comes in with the choice of bat wings or angel wings, halo or horns, sparkles or no sparkles, etc. The main idea is to have one angel graphic and one devil graphic tee so you and a bestie could match (who’s the angel and who’s the devil?). There’s also the main unviersal graphic that has a mix of both angel and devil if you’re flying solo. 

The next design I made for I Am Muse is a flier inspired by the 70’s for their show room opening. I wanted to create a visual that was striking and fit the cool vibes of the event and all its participants. I also created a stand alone graphic of the buttefly that could be screen printed on bags, shirts, etc. 

All works © Kiana Tenerelli 2023