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Information Graphics

Info-graphics are a great way to educate an audience through a visual and hierarchal approach. I take making infographics as an oppurtunity to be completely blunt and real about these serious topics. I really want the message to be heard, spread and remembered, through content and through visual identity. 

Plastic Paradise ︎
Plastic Paradise was an awareness poster about Plastic Pollution in Los Angeles. When I think of plastic and its usage and basic rein over the entire world it scares me, I see it as the bringer of the apocalypse. I think of Andy Warhol, and how he would do these crazy screen prints of hundreds of coke bottles; How we see it and use it so much it becomes air. So I wanted to make a poster where Los Angeles was almost a dystopian plastic covered place. Plastic in the air, plastic acting as the highlights of a wave, plastic everywhere. 

︎Depressive disorder
Making this infographic about depression was also very touchy and personal to me. I wanted to talk about depression in a personal sense. I decided to use clouds but make the cloud-like shapes also look like a camouflage print. Most people with depression keep it hidden and secret, almost like they’re ashamed, so I wanted to show that. Along with being real and blunt, I went out and interviewed people and decided to put their most memorable quotes on one side of the poster. While all the information and statistics would lay on the other side. 

︎The Dreaming Brain
This double-sided poster was made for my dream science class and I put all I learned about the brain's functions during dreaming into this double-sided poster. It was a topic that fascinated me because of its mysterious qualities, so knowing the functions of "how" was intriguing. I wanted the visuals to look dreamy and full of nighttime characteristics like clouds and stars, almost like what we see or feel as we drift off.

All works © Kiana Tenerelli 2023