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Plzd As Punch 

Plzd As Punch is a self-reliant DIY therapy collective I want to create. It focuses on different types of alternative therapy that could be brought to you at home for you to use at your own leisure, as a therapeutic sesh with friends, or as a gift to others!

This project is super personal to me because I always felt that traditional talk therapy made me feel worse than better. I met a group of people who felt the same way and based on awful experiences, I designed this and created this idea for us. To create and build a better, uplifting community and therapeutic option that would be diverse, sub-cultural, uplifting, and affordable.

Each box focuses on one type of Alternative therapy, with the exception of one box that is a starter for all types. Each box comes with different curated objects based on what type of therapy the box is for. Each box also comes with a sticker sheet and the option of a correlating wrapping paper and stamp collection.

All works © Kiana Tenerelli 2021