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Whorror is a For Us By Us news outlet; Giving all the updates about women in a horror genre or theme. Using different tags like music, entertainment, queer community, gender and fashion and placing articles or videos that are best fitting in each.

It’s all about feminism and how women are using horror and blood and this type of rebellious attitude to use their voice and be heard and not giving a damn. 

Each application had a specific usage.

The Mobile App uses a swiping technique similar to tinder. It gives you an image, and a title or quote, you can then press the lip icon if you want to go back to read the article later. If you change your mind and want to go back to another article you saw, you can simply do so by just swiping back. If you go to the archive, you can see all the articles you favorited and then get taken by the CONTINUE! link to go read them.

The Website offers a calendar for events as well as video content, that the app doesn’t have featured. When Someone signs up, they will get information about upcoming events, limited merchandise, and exclusive WHORROR outlet interviews and content.

The Raunchy Riot serves as an example of an event WHORROR would throw, and how the app, website, and large scale event would all correspond with each other.

All works © Kiana Tenerelli 2023